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  • I’m not sure who this illusion of security and safety existed for prior to this? I’m Gen X - but the hangover of all the assassinations that came before my time lived on, even before the attempt on Ronnie Raygun. John Lennon was shot dead. Bud Dwyer committed suicide on live television. There were pre-Columbine school shootings of course, but that one really made an impression on Gen X and millennials for sure (to the point that earlier ones almost seem to have been memory-holed). Then there was 9/11 and it seemed like everything and everyone was a potential target - and in some cases, that was literal (Beltway sniper).

    And for a few decades now, kids are run through drills to prepare for an active shooter on the grounds of their schools.

    There are times when I’m at a major public event, or just shopping at a big box store, or a convenience store, or even just driving around…and wonder about the possibility of an active shooter. And I bet I’m not the only one. I don’t let it consume me…but thoughts arise.

    The stuff I mentioned above covers things that happened at impressionable ages for every generation from Boomer down to Alpha, and any Greatest Generation still alive also have watched all this and it’s not like they are impervious to it. So I’m not sure who is living in this comfortable bubble…