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  • Ultimately, I think we’d get very similar policy out of a Biden term 2 or Harris/Newsome/Whitmer term 1, so I don’t really care who it is so long as they can beat Trump,


    And lots of people closer to Biden than either of us will ever be are saying he can’t beat trump.

    And the more the public sees him. The less voters want him.

    He is historically unpopular, and this was his first press conference in almost a year. There just isn’t a path for Biden to improve, or he’d have taken it by now. It’s not like this election came out of nowhere, the best campaign plan him and his team could come up with. Was to fucking hide him until it was too late to change candidates.

    In 2024, this is peak Biden, there’s no where to go but down.

  • He’s still going and he’s not doing great…

    Like, he is saying a lot of words, and they do seek to connect with the ones right next to each other most of the time. But it almost never has anything to do with the question after the first sentence or two

    I can’t tell if he’s pretending to talk to people or actually talking to people in the audience. Like I think he sees journalists making comments or reactions and addressing them.


    When asked if his delegates could vote for someone else if they don’t want him he said:

    That’s the Democratic process

    Then leaned in all creepy and whispered

    That’s not going to happen

    Edit 2:

    Fucking hell…

    They asked about “VP trump” at the end and said trump had already latched into it.

    When asked for comment Biden said:

    Listen to him

    Like? Listen to trump?

    Then did his best Monty Burns walk off stage.

    As with everything Biden, I highly recommend everyone watch it when they can.