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  • Wheres your red line between directly causing 6 million deaths and heavily funding and even sending airplanes to people who have killed 20k women and children. Because if one thinks its only genocide if you’re directly ordering the death of 6 million, you’re going to miss a lot of genocides that are clearly happening.

    It’s actually a really good question. I think every iteration of US foreign policy I’ve been alive for has been horrific. I think a good way is, once it’s reduced to a choice between 2 options, pick the one that’s less bad if there is a massive visible difference (as there is in this election). And then, also, exercise pressure to push the less-bad option to be better (the uncommitted vote, calling and opposing aid for Israel, pushing in future primaries for candidates that are less bad).

    Trying to push for better than Biden’s current standard I think is a great idea. The only part I object to is risking letting things get 10 times worse because of a pointless grandstanding gesture, while pretending that you’re helping.

    Ukraine I definitely think we should send help to also, yes, and more than we have.

    It’s not a matter of “this is where my line for something being bad,” it’s just that once it’s down to 2 options, you can pick the one that’s less bad and will save a bunch of lives instead of waiting for the US government to start having an enlightened foreign policy all of a sudden by magic, and then getting involved.

  • I will say, the instant Biden puts 6 million civilians to death and starts a war that kills 70 million people I’m definitely planning not to vote for him.


    I know, when people write books about fascism they write about all the weapons Hitler sold to other countries and how that was the real problem and what those other countries did with the weapons. Everyone knows such a thing was un heard of before Hitler, and now under Biden, it’s coming again. There are whole museums devoted to Hitler’s weapons sales.


    I know… some of the holocaust survivors who were alive in 2016 had these sort of chilling interviews where they talked about the eerie similarities between Biden and Hitler and how they really hoped people would realize how important it was not to vote for Biden. They didn’t really put a lot of attention into who his opponent was, because they said that’s not the point.

    Take your pick, this one is a choose your own adventure

  • Serious explanation: “Democrat” as a noun is normal. “I’m running as a Democrat.” “The current majority in the house in with the Democrats.”

    “Democratic” as an adjective is normal. “Democratic Party.”

    “Democrat” as an adjective is super weird. I think it was originally intended as a slur, but to me it just sounds weird, like bad grammar. “Democrat Party.” Almost no one uses it that way except conservatives, because no one who doesn’t consume conservative media would even run across it.

    I found your explanation very bizarre because something like “I’m running as a Democratic” is something I’ve never heard in my life. If someone actually did tell you that “Democrat” is a bad thing even as a noun, there was some severe miscommunication on someone’s part.

    Apologies for being sarcastic about it

    Edit: Welp, I looked over the history for the user I was talking to, and now I feel silly for thinking maybe they were actually confused somehow, and trying to help them. They’re just trying to obfuscate the original issue by introducing this nonsensical straw man of “I’m running as a Democratic,” I think, and I’m naive enough that I bought into it enough to give them a straight answer on it.

  • Hey, quick question:

    • There are 229 accounts in Lemmy that have used the phrase “Democratic Party” more than once in the last 6 months or so.
    • There are 188 that have used the phrase “Republican Party” more than once.
    • There are 25 that have used the phrase “Democrat Party” more than once

    So that does kind of make sense… “Democrat Party” is something I pretty much never hear outside of conservative circles. In most of the left it’s un heard of. It always sounds really weird to me and I don’t think it would ever occur to me to use it. It’s not surprising that it’s so rare to hear it on Lemmy.

    So what I’m wondering is why there’s so much overlap between the users who do use that very unusual phrasing and the ones who are SUPER left. Like really left. Like so left that they’re mad at Joe Biden and even Bernie SANDERS isn’t left enough for them, and they want people not to support those people. Because of course they’re not left enough.

    Any thoughts on it? You’re on that list, both the using that phrase part and the being super left part. Can you remember where in your reading you might have picked up that phrasing and started using it?

  • Yeah that’s fair

    Not to say replacing Biden is automatically a bad idea. I am mostly reacting to the idea that that’ll solve all the problems and we should just do it right away and not think about exactly with who or what will happen next and if you have questions about the plan you’re the enemy (and also, for some reason, what seems to often go alongside it which is saying a bunch of stuff about Biden which objectively isn’t true).

  • Some of the shills were swearing to me the other day that they were around in the 1990s and they and all their friends were super excited about how Bill Clinton balanced the federal budget, and then Obama was this big swing to the right, which Biden was a continuation of, like light-years to the right of the progressive sea change that Clinton had been…

    My brother in Christ I was around activists in the 90s and the Obama years and I can promise you that that’s not how it played out. Depending on your age and how much you know about Biden’s economic accomplishments, Biden is either the best president the country has had in your lifetime or the second best. Full stop. For, I think, almost anyone who’s of an age to be realistically on Lemmy. The only way to make it any different than that is to go all the way back to JFK, and then still on top not to be aware of what’s been happening to income inequality in the last few years.

  • Yeah, polling is garbage in general but using it to see relative change is actually like the one thing that it’s good for.

    So, your assertion is that Biden is slipping lower and lower and lower in the polls the more he does. You picked the one state where he’s slipped the most, to make that point. If I did the opposite, I could pick North Carolina, and say that gaining 1.7 points since before he did his press conference means he’s killing it, and that press conference restored the confidence of the voters.

    Probably a fairly accurate metric – since you’re going to ignore, for reasons which will be obvious to anyone who knows what the national polls show, the national polls – could be to add up all the swing states and see how things have changed.

    In the last week, Biden’s gained an average of 0.56 points in all the swing states. If you saying him losing 0.4 points in PA since the press conference means he’s losing ground, then I have demonstrated that zooming out to a non-cherry-picked-to-the-single-worst-state view shows the exact opposite happening.

    Similarly, in the last month, Biden’s lost an average of 0.8 percentage points in all the swing states averaged together. You could write an article about how even in the face of an objectively catastrophic debate performance, less than 1% of the voters abandoned him, pointing to the resilience of his support because most of the voters (unlike the media) are smart enough to realize that one bad debate doesn’t all of a sudden mean that etc etc you get the idea. Oh, also, that means he’s been gaining ground back since the debate, after dipping lower than 0.8 points initially, which kind of makes sense since the debate was such a horrifying fuck-up.

    See? Primary sources are fun. That’s all based on the Nate Silver chart of all swing states that you sent me.